Federal & State Worker’s Comp

Our treating providers and staff are experienced with state, federal and occupational worker’s compensation claims.  Our doctors are experts in diagnosing, documenting and treating work-related injuries with each provider receiving specialized training every year to remain current in all of the new rules and laws affecting injured workers.

Suffering a work injury can be a painful and frustrating experience.  It is difficult enough to deal with the pain, doctor’s appointments and treatments associated with your injury.  Unfortunately, with a work-related injury, you are also left dealing with more than your fair share of tedious paperwork.  Our staff will guide you through the process, answering your questions and assisting you with documentation, in an effort to avoid any delay in your medical benefits so that you can focus on getting better.


Bear Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation will provide you with a Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) evaluation once you have reached the completion of your care.  We will also assist you with any alternate MMI/IR certifications you may need when filing an appeal.  All evaluations and Impairment Ratings (IR) are performed in accordance with the American Medical Association Guide to Physical Impairment, 4th edition.

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